Mathapp 1.2 — Now Mathquiz and more…

2 min readFeb 9


Update 1.2 of Mathapp (now Mathquiz) is now available, check out the main news:

New name

Now Mathapp will be called Mathquiz, thus bringing in the name the main objective of the app: to be a math quiz, with infinite levels and other challenges.

Login with Google

In addition to the new name, Mathquiz will now offer login with Google so you can connect in a fast, passwordless and secure way. From update 1.2 it will no longer be possible to login with email and password.

Profile changes

It is now possible to change your username on a new avatar selection page.

Dark mode improvements

Dark mode has always been present in Mathquiz and now it is receiving some improvements, one of them being the splash screen (the one that appears when you open the app) which is now compatible with dark and light mode.

Mathapp Web

Also from the 1.2 update, Mathapp Web will no longer be available at, updates for Android on Google Play will continue to be released normally.

More to come…

I keep working on new features for Mathapp and also on other cool projects :).

For the next updates I have been working on:

Visit profiles of other users: you will be able to visit profiles of users that are on the ranking list, see how long they have been using Mathquiz and their achievements.

More challenge categories: I’ve been working on new challenge categories that go beyond basic operations (additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions).

Other types of challenges: going against time or alternatives that change places all the time… I’ve been working on different types of challenges for Mathquiz.

Download Mathquiz now for free on Google Play!

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