Mathquiz 1.3 — Interface revamp and MUCH more!

3 min readMar 12


Mathquiz Update 1.3 is now live and here are the main news:

Redesigned interface

The entire Mathquiz interface has been redesigned and modernized, bringing at first sight the challenge you have played the most and facilitating access to various Mathquiz functions directly from the home screen.

The quiz screen was also redesigned bringing more focus and extra functions like skipping a question and more.

The options screen experience has been updated bringing the change of name and avatar in addition to extra options like your account information, Mathquiz information and feedback.


Now it’s much simpler to give feedback on everything in Mathquiz! Just click the “message” button on several Mathquiz pages.

You can give feedback on whatever you want, feel free.

Improved materials

Now the materials are on the home screen! Making access to them even easier and faster.

Improved achievements

New achievements have been added (and others removed), achievements now give you coins (more below) as a reward and also like materials the achievements will be right on the home screen.

Improved store

Now you will be able to buy avatar packs and also the “blue heart: infinite hearts” with the new Mathquiz coins.


Now Mathquiz will reward you with coins!

Every time you finish (completely or not) a level in any challenge you will be rewarded with 5 coins! With them you can buy items in the store and also use them to skip questions.

New challenge category: Find the number!

And finally a new challenge category!

“Find the number” is a very different category from what we call “classic”, already available to everyone on the home screen.

New icon (Android 13+)

The Mathquiz icon is being updated according to the “themed icon” of Android 13.

Other news

Behind the scenes there were many changes, MANY!

Banner ads (which stay on screen all the time) have been removed in favor of a better and cleaner overall experience.

Several errors that could result in several problems were corrected and several functions were improved aiming at the best possible functioning of Mathquiz.

More to come soon!

I’ve been actively working on upcoming Mathquiz updates and more news is on the way, follow Inercode on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.

Download Mathquiz now for free on Google Play!

See you later! 👋




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